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Look, how to use automation smart in individual rooms

Would you like a smart family house or apartment adapting itself to the weather? There are no limits to your imagination. The home can be automated to give you maximum comfort. You will wake up with pleasant music in the morning, the lighting will adapt to your activities or you can only use the comfort of smart heating. You can control everything with your smartphone or tablet having all clearly organized in one application or manually with switches.
You can use the automatic air extraction every time the humidity in the bathroom increases, so say goodbye to fogged mirrors. You can also adjust the lighting and turn on your favorite music for singing in the shower. The floor can be preheated before you go to take a shower.
How about improving your kitchen hood a little so you could enjoy every meal without unpleasant lingering odors? Would you like to automatically adjust the lights and audio to cooking or to a romantic dinner?
What if the sun woke you up in the morning, but simultaneously the streetlights didn’t disturb you at night? You would have fresh air in your room all night without heating the outside through the window. Finally, you would wake up with your favorite song.
During work on PC or while watching TV, your monitor is not dazzled by the sun and you are full of energy at the same time, since there is always enough air. Also, the temperature in the room is always according to your ideas.
You will appreciate the automatic gate opening available comfortably from your phone, especially when raining or when the courier arrives and you will not be at home.
The carefree garden automatically waters itself according to the weather. The garden uses rainwater and sensibly manages it. You can also choose which flower bed you will water and how.
Preheating the pool to a given temperature or pleasant lighting is not a problem. You can also automate pool cover, filtration or counter flow system.
Securing your house or apartment is a matter of course nowadays. You can have an overview of each open window and status of all sensors – motion, smoke, or flood. Everything, including cameras and intercom, can be connected to one central system with alarms functionality.
Are you afraid your children will fall down the stairs? Automatic backlighting of the stairs, when motion is detected, helps even the smallest ones, who do not yet reach the switch themselves, can see the way ahead.
There are no limits for your imagination. Would you like to have a preheated toilet seat, a heated surface under your feet? Would you rather have suitable lighting for your crossword, or a charging stand for your tablet?
The technical room is the heart of the house, where the sufficiency of the fuel for the boiler is monitored, boiler temperature and electricity consumption is monitored, all working together in harmony.

When to contact us?

Are you currently in building phase or in phase of project preparation? That is exactly the best time to contact us. We will advise you on how to adapt the electrical installation and introduce you to all the options so you can fully use your house. Is your target a low-energy, passive or even energetically “plus” house? In such a house, it is crucial to harmonize all the technologies together so they complement each other and do not work against each other. The classic case may be the interplay of shielding, heating and ventilation. For example, when the sun is shining, there is no need to heat much and on the contrary, in summer it is advisable to cool the house at night with recuperation and shade it during the day. It works, believe us, we ourselves live in such smart house. Do not worry, you always have absolute priority over the automation. As soon as you press the button on the blinds or on something else, the house listens to you.

Do you want to improve your existing home?

You shouldn’t be afraid to contact us in such situation either… Smart elements can be added even without wall cutting or reconstruction – wireless installation is use to be common now a days.. . If you are going to do a major renovation, it is best to contact us at the time of plan creation. Adding a cable or two does not matter in overall works

Do you want to make the home easier for your loved ones?

Smart home can help even in difficult situations, when we cannot be close to our elderly or seriously ill all the time. We can make the home easier for them at least a little. You can find inspiration here.

How much does it all cost?

The price depends largely on your wishes and ideas, so do not be afraid and use the first free consultations and price offers directly for your project.

You can get the general idea here, but it really depends on your wishes. The price of the project can be quite adapted with the help of our other partners.

If you like a smart home and you are a do-it-yourself person at the same time and you want to try it for yourself, we could arrange a partial support and purchase the necessary components.

We have the door open to your ideas and wishes, everything is possible.

Your ideas and wishes have our doors open, and there are no limits to imagination...